With their castles, ancient rural churches and historical hamlets, the lands of Matilde cover a

vast area, mainly in the hillsides, where there are still evident signs of Medieval civilization

and where material civilization and food and wine traditions have retained strong links with


The lands of Matilde are one of the most fascinating features of the Emilia region and have

become an increasingly important tourist attraction, even for foreign visitors.

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Matilde di Canossa 

The Great Countess Matilde di Canossa was a powerful feudal noblewoman and ardent

supporter of the Papacy during the investiture controversy. Leading figure of the utmost

importance at a time when women were considered to be lower ranking, she succeeded in

dominating all the Italian territories to the north of the Pontifical States.

In 1076, she came into possession of a vast area that comprised Lombardy, Emilia, Romagna

and Tuscany with its centre in Canossa, in the Apennines of Reggio.


At the end of the Eighties, the provincial administration of Reggio Emilia and the Appennino

Reggiano Mountain Community embarked upon a project that focused on enhancing the area

with the aim of combining environmental attractions and historical places of interest. The offer

was also structured around an alternative proposal dedicated to trekking enthusiasts.

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