Presenting the Future Food District of Expo Milano 2015

The Future Food District has been created as an experiment and to represent one of the possible future scenarios of retail. It consists of a real supermarket where those who wish, can enjoy a slightly different shopping experience within the Exhibition Area, a multipurpose facility that offers a prototype of future shopping. It’s a challenge that aims high but that has its feet firmly on the ground: innovation and cooperation traveling side-by-side. In fact, Carlo Ratti has designed a place where producers and consumers can meet and exchange ideas and where vertical barriers give way to a horizontal landscape that promotes interaction. It’s a nod to the very first markets and the layout is split into five areas dedicated to as many food chains. Coop actually came up with the idea before it joined Expo Milano 2015, through a competition on innovation in which 80 employees under 35 took part.

“The original project dating back to 2013 and entitled GeoCoop, was based on the real experience of a group of young employees who highlighted the core values of Coop such as transparency and authenticity that are essential in making conscious buying decisions, and that will be even more necessary in the years to come. Values that we believe are increasingly shared,” says Marco Pedroni, President of Coop Italia. “What you will visit will therefore not be a high-tech pavilion where technology is an end in itself; At Coop, we prefer to take a different route, where technology is something that should be useful. If, for example, in the Exhibition Area the vision of sea farm prototypes cause us to reflect on a planet where land will be ever more scarce, in the supermarket the different food chain areas provide information on the production process of the products: starting with fresh produce and moving on to products that have undergone a greater degree of processing and change. It’s on this basis that Carlo Ratti Associati has developed an improved food labeling system.

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