City of Cooperation is a project created by Legacoop Reggio Emilia in the framework of Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane for Expo 2015, that gather together over sixty cooperative companies. 

The website describes Reggio Emilia as a city of cooperation that managed in over a century to develop its own welfare on the basis of aneconomic model that keeps a watchful eye on social relations and solidarity. The website enables to explore highlights, values and strengths of the cooperative system of Reggio Emilia and invites to visit the achieved excellence and the culinary delights of this area. 

Food, agriculture and social innovation are the cornerstones on which cooperative economy has developed. You can experience them through three Routes, along which you can visit about thirty cooperative companies: the Route of Parmigiano Reggiano, the Route of Lambrusco andRoute of Social Innovation. Each Route is modular and customizable according to the interests and requirements of the visitors and can be integrated by additional services on site.

supported by C.C.I.A.A. – Reggio Emilia


  • Sorytelling

    a web site where stories gather together to form an portrait of the Emilian cooperative culture

  • Web App

    that enables to discover the cooperative food chain.


    that will be held during Expo 2015 and provide a physical dimension to the storytelling



City of Cooperation is produced by Legacoop and ICS – Innovazione Cultura società